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Rebuilding the Shasta 16SC


Where do we buy Vintage Camper Parts?

Heffe and the kids at work on the tires.

When we brought the Shasta 16-SC home with us we knew we were in for some challenges ahead.

I followed that shell of a camper up the freeway while Heffe towed it along,

El Cornichon: An Inspiring Airstream Makeover


Loved this Airstream makeover that I ran across on Remodelista.

It came at the perfect time, since I’ve been thinking deeply about my friends at LeoLuna and their own renovation of their Argosy. One of the primary goals for the folks at LeoLuna is to merge of the moment design with their personal style in a way that presents a fantastic presentation for AirBnB guests that they’d like to host on their 10 acres of wild lands in Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas.

With more and more camper renovation projects flooding the market, especially the AirBnB market, its important to LeoLuna that they stay ahead of the design curve. While just a few years ago the internet was a dry bed for camper renovation and restoration in a more forward thinking design sense, it certainly has come a long way. But currently, the zeitgeist seems centered around a bohemian adventurers aesthetic, combining natural and rustic elements with neutrals and global textiles. Not that we are complaining, we love this style too.

But its refreshing to think out of the box, for a design that still looks to interior design and home decor trends, but looks to what is next.

When I stumbled upon El Cornichon, I couldn’t help but think that this family definitely nailed it with their style. Click on over to get a peek, which includes really rad sketches of plans as well as the before pics.

#VintageCamper on Instagram


I love following the #VintageCamper tag on Instagram. Since you are here, I think you might like it as well.

Instagram has become my social media drug of choice. I share my life personally on Instagram and I also participate in a few other niche interests of mine with my business accounts and my account for my dogs! Its a loving community and result in actual real friendships.

So whether you are a vintage camper owner, someone in the throes of a renovation and needing answers, or just a dreamer with a dream, this tag will lead you to all kinds of fun folks on a similar journey!