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Shasta 16-SC Before Photos


We loaded up and took a trip down to Santa Ana to check out our Craigslist find, and here is what we saw. She’s not so pretty as-is, but is just the right shape. Since Heffe is so keen on rebuilding the entire interior on his own, we were happy with the guts and didn’t care too much about original appliances, furniture or floor plan being intact. Admittedly, though you can’t see them in the pictures, it was a pleasure to see the fold down tables were in pretty good shape. Have a look, she’ll get worse before she gets better, but I’m sure she can’t get any nastier.

Tire Check


Interior facing rear, note old bathroom wall beam

Shasta marking and door support handle

Another marking CA tag License plate holder and Shasta marking

Tail light is looking a little rough

Funny little pipe that pops out from bathroom area

Rusty bottom

A little bit of exterior dentage that we'll need to pop out

Ramble On!

2 Responses
  • Lisa
    January 12, 2018

    Is this website/blog no longer viable? I am so interested in seeing pictures of the Shasta 16sc. Not much online for this model.

    • betsyjmoyer
      February 16, 2018

      Thanks Lisa. It’s been a dormant project for a little bit, but we’re slowly getting back on our feet. I’ve restored the photos here in hopes you will find us again one day. Thanks for dropping your note, Betsy.

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