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A Vintage Camper Blog

Vintage Camper Trailer Talk & Inspiration

Rebuilding the Shasta 16SC


When we brought the Shasta 16-SC home with us we knew we were in for some challenges ahead.

El Cornichon: An Inspiring Airstream Makeover


An inspiring project found on the web comes at a perfect time. I’ve been thinking deeply about my friends at LeoLuna and their own renovation of their Argosy. This mean green makeover is great inspiration.

The Spartan Manor


The Spartan Manor of the 1950s catches our eye and captures our heart. Come explore.

A California Title Service for Vintage Shasta Camper


I subscribe to a fantastic quarterly from, and am always excited at its arrival date… which was yesterday!

While perusing trailer owner highlights and news of upcoming rallies, I spotted the ad pictured below. It got my mind back on track – since I’ve been on a cerebral hiatus from Vintage Shasta Camper dreams for the past months.

#VintageCamper on Instagram


Whether you are a vintage camper owner, someone in the throes of a renovation and needing answers, or just a dreamer with a dream, this tag will lead you to all kinds of fun folks on a similar journey!

A Vintage Camper in Topanga Canyon Seems a Reasonable Prospect


Want to try out the vintage camper lifestyle for a weekend getaway. We suggest Topanga Canyon!

Meet Dixie


A before and after of this minor renovation to a Shasta 16-SC offers a look into the original floorplan.

Dreams Are Free


How about a 1960 Mercury Comet to pull your Vintage Shasta Camper. Sounds like a dream to me.

The Trailer Park at Will Rogers State Beach


A couple of Sundays ago I kidnapped Heffe post California Burrito at Tacos Por Favor and we fought the road warriors up the PCH to Will Rogers State Beach to take a look at an little piece of gypsy heaven via 16321 Pacific Coast Hwy — a tiny fantasy that seeded itself into my mind the night before as I stumbled upon a little Trulia gem.

Renovation vs. Restoration


Renovation: to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair.
to reinvigorate; refresh; revive.

Restoration: the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment.
a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition.