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Rebuilding the Shasta 16SC


Where do we buy Vintage Camper Parts?

Heffe and the kids at work on the tires.

When we brought the Shasta 16-SC home with us we knew we were in for some challenges ahead.

I followed that shell of a camper up the freeway while Heffe towed it along, and I watched the camper vent cover fly into the wind as a tractor trailer whipped past.

Not to mention, that at my direction, we had just jackknifed the truck bed corner right into the front window while backing out of the lot, popping out all of the vented glass panes on the front. Fun times ahead.

Besides replacing those pieces, we also have to dig into a replacement door project, some new new windows (one is a plexi replacement while the others are missing trims, etc.)

So all of that news leads me to one my recent discoveries. All of our hardware needs should be sastisfied here at Vintage Trailer Supply.

The mission at Vintage Trailer Supply is to provide vintage camper enthusiasts like you and me with as many hard-to-find parts and products as possible. They boast the widest selection of vintage trailer parts for sale anywhere in the world.

So, let’s dig in and get this party started!

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