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Vintage Camper Trailer Talk & Inspiration

Vintage Camper Inspiration via Pinterest


I’m keeping track of the beautiful things that I find on the internet that relate to this endeavor here! Follow along!

Helpful photos of Original Interior – Shasta 16SC


Stumbled upon this camper for sale in Wisconsin. Price tag is around $4k on Tiny House Listings.

Dude and I are into it though b/c we are planning out our floor plan and its always nice to have a look inside to see what the original was like.

Considering Camper Appliances


Round here, we’re talking about kitchen needs since that is going to help dictate the cabinetry and resulting floor plan.  I’m truly on the fence about including a stove in the setup. My desire to cook over a fire tends to overshadow any real need for an oven/stove combo inside the camper.

Vintage Trailer Talk


Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.46.31 AM

The internet is vast and crazy full of folks sharing their adventures in renovating and camping in old trailers. Most of the real good stuff happens on classic forums, like Vintage Trailer Talk.

I just registered as a user and posted my introduction post.

Finding the VIN on the Shasta Camper Trailer


How do you find the VIN number on an old vintage shasta camper? I found mine by scraping off years and years of paint layers off of the trailer tongue.

Shasta 16-SC Before Photos


We loaded up and took a trip down to Santa Ana to check out our Craigslist find, and here is what we saw. She’s not so pretty as-is, but is just the right shape. Since Heffe is so keen on rebuilding the entire interior on his own, we were happy with the guts and didn’t care too much about original appliances,

We Need Wings!


This guy makes reproduction wings and they look pretty slick. At $300, they cost more than I paid for my first Shasta Camper! 😉

Shasta 16SC Details and Floorplan




MODEL: Shasta 16 Self Contained “SC”/ SC with Shower “SCS”
YEARS OF PRODUCTION: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964
LENGTH: 16 Ft. (including the hitch)
WEIGHT: 2275 Lbs.