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Considering Camper Appliances


Round here, we’re talking about kitchen needs since that is going to help dictate the cabinetry and resulting floor plan.  I’m truly on the fence about including a stove in the setup. My desire to cook over a fire tends to overshadow any real need for an oven/stove combo inside the camper. It’s hard to imagine coming into any baking needs at a campground, and we don’t even own a microwave in our home so I don’t imagine we’ll start nuking totino’s party pizzas at the KOA in Big Sur.

However, imagine yourself on a weeklong camping trip out in a harsh climate. Maybe you’re weary of stoking the fire for every meal, maybe it’s wet out there, or snowy? An oven-baked slab of ribs starts to seem reeeeeeal convenient.

Space and energy comes at a premium with the trailer. So, making this kitchen appliance decision is going to be tough. I believe I’m leaning towards leaving it out altogether, but I could be convinced to include it.

Some thoughts…

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 3.55.30 PM

Non-Pressurized 1 Burner Stove
The compact design of this pressure-free, drop-in single-burner stove takes minimum counter space, yet allows, ready access for  cooking needs. The price point is around $350.

I suppose you might as well just bring your camping stove though right?




Pretty much the BEST option for the fridge:
Powered by either conventional 120 Volt AC or 12 volt DC while using Propane as a “Gas Absorption Refrigerator”.

This is a full on fridge/freezer combo that will basically be like having all the comforts of home with you on the road. It’s almost a little too luxe to be okay.

Do we need a freezer? No, we don’t need a freezer…… do we?Ramble On!

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