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The Spartan Manor


The Spartan Manor at El Cosmico in Marfa, TX

Recently, I’m in a full blown love affair with the Spartan Manor.

On a rural road in Western NC, there sits an old dilapidated and uncared for Spartan Manor. It’s right on the path between my NC hometown and the spot of river land that the dude and I own in Ashe County, NC. Each time I make the trek up the mountain, I daydream about stopping in to see if we can take it off their hands. It would make the perfect home away from home by the river. Boy would it need some work.

The love interest started to creep up on me via El Cosmico’s flagship trailer seen in the images above! I found out about this gypsy gem on the web some many years ago. I have since grown into a devoted fan of everything Marfa, TX related.

This past summer, my husband and I turned this long dreamt about destination into reality on our honeymoon road trip from NC back to our home in CA. I had hoped to reserve a night in the Spartan but it she was all booked up. We stayed in a teepee though and it was super fun. I left with an even deeper love for Marfa, TX and can’t wait to go back again some day to dig into all things Donald Judd related. Maybe sans doggies though since that heat was pretty tough on them!


Look at the vast array of possibilities for lodging! This is a sampling of the camper trailers at El Cosmico. It’s a Vintage Camper lover’s dream come true.


The Vintage Shasta Camper trailer has been a long time obsession of mine, and I’ll always remain a loyal fan. But in recent years, thanks to El Cosmico, a few other vintage trailer silhouettes have started to catch my eye. Call it an evolution!Ramble On!

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